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5 Month Payment plan
We currently do not offer financial aid. BUT WE OFFER A FIVE-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN for the 5-week Nurse Assistant Training Program

If an individual clicks the subscription button below, and subscribes to the 5 month payment plan, $150 will be charged to their credit card every 2 weeks for 5 months. They can start and finish the nurse assistant program while financing, but must sign up below 2 months prior to the start of class.

Below are the deadline to sign up for financing for the 5 week CNA classes

Class Start Date
Deadline to sign up for financing
November 30

December 30

 January 30

STEP 1 (Click the subscribe button below and sign up)

STEP 2 (Fill out the form below)

5-month CNA Financing
First Name
Last Name
Month you wish to start the CNA class
Phone Number
Email Address
Full Mailing Address and zip code
Filling out this form does not sign you up for financing unless you clicked the 'subscribe' button above and signed up for the automatic billing. If you did not subscribe above, when you hit the 'send' button, go back and subscribe above!

Visit the school to finish your paperwork to start the class.

If you wish to take the class in Temecula campus, click here for an appointment to register for the class