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 Caregivers needed at Cambrian Homecare
 RNs, LVNs, CNAs needed by healthcare staffing agency. Send resume to
Work at home book marketer opportunity
 A well-known Author is seeking good sales people who have marketing 
skills to sell  books without making a trip to the post office! 

It is very simple!! 

Send in your orders and we will ship them to your customers for you!!!

How it works:
1. Register with an associate fee of $59.
2. Receive three samples of our books and our whole sale price list
3. Market our books your way and send us orders with the whole sale price and the shipping cost
4. We will mail your order to the customer. No trip to the post office for you!!!. Set your own retail price, keep your profits.
6. Wish to mail your orders your selves, order as little as one copy or as much as a million and mail your orders yourself
7. We have different genres ranging from healthcare, self development, entrepreneurship to fiction. 
8. Make your money by advertising from your computer, from your own home.

Dont miss this awesome opportunity of changing people's lives by selling them life changing books!

Our book categories include: self-help, entrepreneurship guide, marriage-help, children's books, sex and romance, fiction, etc. We have over 250 titles!

Whether you choose to sell books door to do or choose another method, you can make $100 or more every day, because for each book you sell, your profit is between $5 to $15, depending on the book. That means $3,000 and above monthly!

Only 2 steps to become an associate: 
2. Receive the web page in your email to place a minimum order of $100 at the distributor price (The more you order, the more profit you make). One you place your first order, you are a DJNG associate! READY?
Interested in this type of business, with very low start-up and high money potentials?

Do you have people skills? Do you know the power of books? Do you want to have a positive impact on people's lives, while making money? This is your chance! Click here and kick start your business!

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