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MAB (Management of Assaultive Behavior) AB-508
The Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB) certification course can be conveniently done online or in the classroom. Also known as AB 508 certification training, mab certification online or managing aggressive behavior  is a training for healthcare professionals, teachers, law enforcement agents. 
Nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals receive CE credits at the end of the course.

How it works: 1. Fill form and pay below, 2. Receive log in information in your email within few hours. 3. Take your class online. You have 14 days to finish your course. You can start the course and log out and log back in later or you can finish it at one time.  4. Receive your card in your email within few hours of your course completion. 5. Receive also a hard copy in the mail within 2 weeks.

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MAB Certification Online (Management of Assaultive Behavior)
Price for online course:

This course is approved for CE credits with the BVNPT, and BRN.

If you wish to take this course online, STAY ON THIS PAGE AND REGISTER.

At the end of the managing aggressive behavior class, the student will express a good understanding of the following: 

(1) Meaning of Assault
(2) Types of Assaultive behaviors and their Causes
(3) General safety measures.
(4) Personal safety measures.
(5) The assault cycle.
(6) Aggression and violence predicting factors.
(7) Obtaining patient history from a patient with violent behavior.
(8) Characteristics of aggressive and violent patients and victims.
(9) Verbal and physical maneuvers to diffuse and avoid violent behavior.
(10) Strategies to avoid physical harm.
(11) Restraining techniques.
(12) Appropriate use of medications as chemical restraints.

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Management of Assaultve Behavior
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