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Inspirational Movie - Purple Roses

In this inspirational movie, Karen Abercrombie portrays Meredith, the mother of a 40 year old Kayla struggling to start a business. Purple Roses is a Romantic movie of tenacity and success.

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Movie Details

Purple Roses is a Lewabo Original movie. It was shot in Riverside, California through Lewabo Media Group

Directors: Jaime Salazar/Jane John-Nwankwo

Movie would be available 2022 on

Release date: 2022.

Cast Details

Jane John-Nwankwo Ph.D Portrayed John's sister. Her role in Purple Roses depicts a good brother-sister relationship. She is an award-winning actress who portrayed Jane in Problem Deflated. She was also the main character named Jane in Found and Lifted depicting an abusive marriage survivor who later found love. Problem Deflated, Found and lifted and Purple Roses are Lewabo Original movies all written by Jane John-Nwankwo. She has written over 20 other award winning movies and over 90 published books. She is a motivational speaker, Actress, Singer and Writer.

Karen Abercrombie portrayed Meredith, the mother of a 40 year old Kayla struggling to start a business. Karen Abercrombie is an award-winning actress, Parents’ Choice Award winning storyteller, award-winning independent film producer, a highly sought-after speaker, and an avid environmentalist. Best known for her award-winning portrayal of the spicy, 80 year old prayer warrior, Miss Clara, in the Kendrick Brothers film, War Room, Karen has an impressive body of work under her belt. She has guest starred on such TV shows as ‘Saved By The Bell’, ‘The Inspectors’, ‘Vampire Diaries’, ‘Ally McBeal’, and ‘Strong Medicine’ to name a few. She has also played recurring characters on OWN’S series, ‘Delilah’ and AMC’S, series, ‘Turn’. As for the stage, Karen has a long list of professional credits – including Off-Broadway performances – to her name. In 2018, Karen formed Earth Mother Entertainment LLC, an independent film production company. Her first film, ‘Discarded Things’ has garnered five Best Actress awards for Karen's role in the film, two Best Picture awards, and three Best Supporting Actor awards. ‘Discarded Things’ is currently playing on Lewabo and other streaming platforms.

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