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About BAHU

Our Mission

The mission of Best American Healthcare University is to empower diverse students for service, social change, and excellence in healthcare. The goal is to provide healthcare education for the local and global communities in a cost-effective manner.

Our Motto

Empowerment and service.

Our Commitment

We are committed to empowering healthcare professionals by providing quality educational opportunities to those who wish to obtain entry level preparation and those who wish to advance in or retrain for healthcare career. Our graduates will be prepared to use research and evidence-based practices in the healthcare services they provide. BAHU is committed to providing affordable education with the use of proven teaching/learning strategies that facilitate the acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed in healthcare, thereby enhancing the graduate’s ability to compete successfully in the market place.

Our Vision Statement

As an institution of higher learning, Best American Healthcare University aims to be an industry leader in health educational training and promotion, advance social change through healthcare profession and evidenced-based on-demand health career learning and research, empower its graduates for immediate job placement and to enable every BAHU graduates to compete successfully wherever healthcare is provided.

Our Core Values

Accountability – Being liable, and answerable.

Dependability – The ability to be trusted; dependable or reliable.

Diversity – To practice inclusiveness: ethnical, cultural, religious, and age.

Empowerment – Equipped with the ability to use knowledge and skills effectively.

Excellence – Exceeding minimum standards and expectations.

Fairness – Equality and to treat others fairly, renouncing all unfair practices.

Integrity – Quality of living a unified life in which one’s convictions are and match one’s actions; encompasses honesty, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

Service – Using our skills to create opportunities & be helpful and useful to humanity.

Successfulness – To obtain educational goals as desired that leads to prosperity.

Wholeness – Development of the total person in numerous dimensions of one’s life.

Our Goals and Objectives

To equip our graduates to be competent in service and policy practices operable in the marketplace; and to compete successfully and become change agents in healthcare and in society.

To provide online and traditional educational opportunities in the fields of healthcare where there is shortage and/or greater need.

To offer cost-effective, technical and/or academic research-based educational programs which will enhance the students’ well-being and prepare them to move out of poverty.

To provide curricula for degree programs in ways that by the completion of the students’ academic journey at graduation, he/she will have completed at least, technical/vocational academic requirement that will qualify them for professional diploma or certification in healthcare fields.

To ensure the promotion and delivery of quality educational programs to those who wish to obtain entry level preparation and/or those who wish to pursue advanced studies in health profession or retrain for healthcare careers.

To build curricula that serve both young and adult learners that are relevant and accommodative to the changing needs and demands in healthcare education and workforce; using traditional and online methodologies with best contemporary technologies.

To provide students with learning opportunities that will feature the best evidenced-based practices and technologies necessary to succeed in healthcare careers.

To create an environment that fosters empowerment and motivates diverse populations to receive higher education in healthcare disciplines.

To Support professional development for faculty and provide experienced faculty and staff who are sensitive to the students’ needs, the workforce, and diverse populations; whose educational interactions will promote the success of students in the classroom and graduates in the market place.

Supporting faculty and student participation in reputable scientific healthcare research that complies with ethical standards and to Encourage participation in search for answers to questions that address healthcare issues and needs.

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Student Testimonial

"I chose Best American Healthcare University because it allowed me to pursue my studies in the medical field. Best American Healthcare University is really economical and has flexible schedules. By attending this school I became a better student as well as a better person. My achievements were accomplished here and now I’m ready to further my career in the medical field thanks to Best American Healthcare University". Eliana - BAHU graduate

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Best American Healthcare University is committed to empowering healthcare professionals and people who desire to advance or retrain in healthcare career, health and evidenced based learning and research, and vocational studies in the fields of healthcare.


Best American Healthcare University provides you the opportunity of learning with the state approved curriculum and studying with state approved instructors. With real patients for hands-on training in real clinical settings, we offer the best possible healthcare training to help you cope and meet with the demands in the industry. Our online forum is well simulated and as close to real life as possible.


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