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Nurse Assistant Training Riverside

Our pioneer campus rolls out certified nurse assistants every month. With five different schedules, there's NO reason not to train

BAHU First Commencement 2011

After graduating 300 student in our first year, we have averaged 1000 students yearly thereafter.

Nurse Assistant Training Ontario

Serving Ontario and its surrounding residents, BAHU provides CNA training in San Bernardino County

EKG/Monitor Technician Training

Train in one of the cleanest careers in healthcare: The EKG/Monitor Technician

Real BAHU Student  Testimonial

BAHU Students are happy students. Enroll today! 

Acute Care CNA Training

Three-in-one training and certification: Acute care CNA, EKG Technician, Patient Care Technician

Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA) Training

Make more than regular CNAs by training in rehabilitation for the long term care resident

DSD Certification for Nurses

Get certified in the planning, implementing adult learning principles

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