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Online EKG Technician (Electrocardiograph/Monitor Technician)

Best American Healthcare University EKG Technician training online is far superior than other online ECG/Monitor Tech certification programs because it includes the training, exam review and a national certification exam. The fees for the national certification exam the responsibility of the student. We do recommend Healthcare Professionals Competency Testing for the EKG Technician national certification exam

This national certification enables the graduate to practice in every state of the united states. 

We have two packages of the EKG Technician course:

1. Full EKG/Monitor Technician course [This is a combo of two courses Basic EKG Technician ($2400) plus Medical Administrative Assistant ($2400) offered at a discounted rate of $4000 for both].

2. Basic EKG Technician $2400

Course Duration: 

2 months (Basic EKG Technician)

Successful Students' Certification: Certified EKG Technician

4 Months (Full EKG Technician = Basic EKG Technician plus Medical Administrative Assistant)

 Successful Students' Certification: Certified EKG Technician plus certified Medical Administrative Assistant


How It Works

1. Register and make a payment below

2. Receive study materials at your doorstep within five business days

3. Take the program and the exam review with the help of an online instructor.(must be completed within 2 months)

4. Assignments are due every week. (Your online instructor will guide you)

5. Register for the national certification exam

6. Test at the nearest testing center to your zip code, usually within 30 miles from you or if you choose HPCT, you test from your computer while the proctor monitors you.

7. Join hundreds of Best American Healthcare University graduates and Become a nationally certified healthcare professional!

Online EKG Technician

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Why enroll in Best American Healthcare University Online EKG Program?

- It is nationally accredited so unlike other online EKG training programs, you will become eligible to sit for and become nationally certified as an EKG Technician.

- It is very affordable, you do not need a loan to go through the program. Quality training for less.

-Receive training materials at your door step and work with your instructor online.

- Test at the closest national testing center to you and become certified.

-Study from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the United states. Avoid commuting but still achieve your educational goals.

- Finish the whole program in eight weeks, just eight weeks!


The EKG Technician is an extremely important member of the health care team. Best American Healthcare University offers a comprehensive EKG Diploma course .

-This course is better than the courses offered at other schools for the following reasons:

-Convenient Sunday only program for classroom students; Don't disturb your weekday schedule, and now, the online schedule!

-National Certification Exam Included. Most schools only give their certificates to students. A National Certificate increases your chances in the job market.

-Our Prices are very affordable (Consider all that comes with it: Textbook, Exam fees, etc. Convenient payment plans are also available.

EKG Technicians are in Demand! A diploma in EKG from Best American Healthcare University will prepare you to work in hospitals, laboratories, medical or doctors' offices, and diagnostic imaging centers. The demand for

EKG technicians is expected to grow 26% by the year 2016, making this field a very secure one in the medical industry. By getting your EKG diploma at Best American Healthcare University, you quickly get your foot in the door to this lucrative and prestigious medical field. Being an EKG technician is often an excellent steppingstone to other positions available within the healthcare industry.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our EKG Technician Training Program. Please call or email us if you have any questions, or would like additional information regarding our EKG Technician course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a EKG Technician?

An EKG Technician or cardiovascular technician is an integral part of the management of patients with heart disease. EKG technicians use electrodes, which are attached to a patient's chest, and other specialized electronic equipment to obtain heart readings known as electrocardiographs or EKGs. They are able to trace and record electrical impulses transmitted by the patient's heart. The recorded data is then reviewed by a physician to evaluate the condition of the patient's heart.

Tell me a little about the EKG Technician Course.

Below are a few of the topics that the EKG Technician course will teach:

Introduction to Electrocardiography

What are the duties of an EKG Technician?

An EKG technician adheres electrodes to the patient's chest, arms, and legs. An EKG machine is used to trace and record electrical impulses transmitted by the patient's heart. After data is collected, the EKG technician prints an EKG for evaluation by the physician. An EKG technician with advanced training performs Holter monitoring and stress testing.

Advanced EKG Procedures: To perform a holter monitor, an EKG technician:

places electrodes on the patient's chest

attaches a portable EKG monitor to the patient

removes a tape from the monitor and places it in a scanner, following 24 or more hours of normal activity by the patient

checks the quality of the recorded impulses on an electronic screen

prints the information from the tape for evaluation by a physician

To perform stress testing, an EKG technician:

documents the patient's medical history

connects the patient to an EKG monitor

obtains a baseline reading and resting blood pressure

monitors the heart's performance while the patient is walking on a treadmill

gradually increases the treadmill's speed to observe the effect of increased exertion

Question: Do I have to take a State License examination when I complete the EKG training?

Answer: There is no state license, certification, special test or examination required when you complete your EKG Technician course. However many employers prefer to hire EKG Technicians with the national certification. When you finish your EKG training, Best American Healthcare University recommends you choose HPCT for your EKG national exam.

We will also issue you a diploma from the school. The school diploma and the national certificate will put you above someone else who only has a school diploma when you look for work as an EKG Technician.

How much do EKG Technicians make?

Entry levels of Certified EKG Technicians start off at about $18 while experienced EKG Technicians make up to $35/hour.

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