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Interested in the free 120 hour Home Health Aide (No-Obligation) Training?
Only 2 steps to get into the program:
1. Fill out the form below
2. Pay $30 for textbooks
Best American Healthcare University ordinarily charges $1500 for this course. However, we are currently offering a scholarship for this program. After your application and textbook payment, you will receive an email with further instructions to commence the course, as well as other paperwork requirements. Do not expect a response on Saturday or Sunday. (Remember to tell family and friends about this program)
Ready? Let's start!
1. Fill the form 
2. Click on the button below and pay $30 for textbooks
 call 951 637 8332, 951 394 8881 to apply over the phone, 
 visit the Riverside office to apply in person)

Start dates:
Dec 17 (Sunday)
Dec 18 (Monday)
January 7th (Sunday)
January 8th (Monday)
January 28th (Sunday)
January 29th (Monday)

1.  please fill out the form below

First Name*

Last Name*

Email Address*

Please Confirm Email Address *


Confirm Phone*

How did you hear about the free HHA classes? Please tell us*

You would need Finger printing, CPR, Physical exam and TB test as part of the requirements for your program. You would also need navy blue scrubs. You can purchase your scrubs from any store. Do you understand?*

Select an option

Do you understand that once you commence course, you commit to complete the course? *

Select an option

Please type your full mailing address including City and zip code*


Zip code

8 (8 hour) days of in person clinicals (64 hours) would be required at the Riverside location. Theory classes are also offered at the Riverside location. Total program hours is 120. Schedules are flexible for weekdays and Sundays. Do you understand?

Do you have any questions?

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email within few hours. Please tell your family and friends about this scholarship.

2. Click below to pay 

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