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As of April 10, 2024, the Caring4cal program is completed. We no longer accept free Home Health Aide or free CNA applications.

However, we are currently providing the Free EKG Technician course sponsored by Healthcare Professionals Competency Testing (HPCT)

Interested in the free EKG Tech Training? 
Only 2 steps to get into the program:
1. Fill out the form below (Required)
2. Click on the tab to put your name Email address for a notification (Required) then check your email within 10 minutes for your password. The key to use in step 2 is healthcareprofessionalscompetencytesting

If you choose not to complete step 2, your admission NOT be processed. 

Your registration is not complete until you complete step 2, Once you complete step 2, check your email for notification, then commence the introductory modules. You will also receive an email with further instructions.
Best American Healthcare University ordinarily charges
$2400 for EKG Technician

 The EKG Technician scholarship is made possible by Healthcare Professionals Competency Testing (HPCT). 

After your application (step 1) and completing step 2 below, be sure to commence the introductory modules. You will also receive an email with further instructions to about the course, as well as other paperwork requirements. Do not expect a response on Saturday or Sunday. (Remember to tell family and friends about this free programs as it will end shortly)
Ready? Let's start!
1. Fill the form (Required)
2. Put your name and email address on the yellow tab below (required)
3. Click on the Book button

Only online applications are accepted for this program

Start dates:
Sunday through Friday

1.  please fill out the form below

First Name*

Last Name*

Email Address*

Please Confirm Email Address *


Confirm Phone*

How did you hear about the free healthcare classes? Please tell us*

IYou will need CPR Certification for this course. Do you understand?*

Select an option

Do you understand that once you commence course, you commit to complete the course? *

Select an option

Please type your full mailing address including City and zip code*


Zip code

Your EKG Tech Training has been paid for. However, you need to purchase the textbooks. Do you understand?

After you click submit below, you must click on the yellow tab below to put your name and email address, then check your email address for instructions to watch the welcome video. Without completing the yellow tab instructions below, your registration is NOT complete.

Step 2. Click on the YELLOW tab below to put your name and email address. Then check your email for notifications. Follow the instructions to watch the welcome video. It is important that you complete the next step, check your email for notifications and follow the instructions to watch the first video. Without completing Step 2 of the yellow tab below, your registration is not complete.

3. Click below to pay for textbooks

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email within few hours. Please tell your family and friends about this scholarship.

How this sponsored program works:

1. Register by filling out the registration form on this  page and completing step 2

2. Commence the introductory modules which you will be enrolled in after completing step 2.

3. Purchase the books by clicking on the books button on this page.

4. Once the proof of book purchase has been received, and you have completed the introductory modules, you will be enrolled into the remaining modules.

4. Complete your course within 12 weeks 

5. Take your national certification exam with HPCT. Student is responsible for HPCT national certification exam fee of $199. It is not included in this scholarship.

5. Join hundreds of Best American Healthcare graduates in becoming nationally certified healthcare professionals.

6. Join the healthcare team and make good income while impacting others positively.

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