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Read the Refund Policy first, If you believe you qualify for a refund, fill the form below and wait 90 days for your refund. If you do not qualify for a refund, the school will respond to you within two weeks with reasons why you do not qualify.

Best American Healthcare University makes provisions for students who wish to request for refunds. The following are the conditions of our refunds:

- If a student has not started class at all and requests for a refund of the class, the full refund is issued to the student within 90 days of refund request minus the non-refundable registration fees of $300. If the student has only paid $300, no refund is due to the student.

- If a student has shown up in class once or did not cancel the class before the first day of class, and requests a refund, a $250 administrative charge plus the non-refundable registration fee of $300 will deducted from the students payment and the rest of the payment issued to the student within 90 days of refund request.

- Each online module or classroom day or internship day incurs a charge of $150, if a student wishes to withdraw after a couple of classes or online modules, the non-refundable registration fee of $300 plus the number of classes attended multiplied by $150 will be deducted from the students payment and the remaining funds issued to the student within 90 days of refund request.

- If a student wishes to transfer payment to another course, this is allowed at no extra cost, however the number of currently attended classes or completed online modules are still deducted at $150 per day/module.

- All registration fees including online courses initial deposits are non-refundable.

- If a student had received uniforms, books or other materials from the school, the cost of these items will be deducted.

-All payments for all online continuous education classes like DSD, MAB, RNA, Medication technician, Crisis Prevention, etc. are non-refundable.

Refund Request Form

Please read the refund policy above before filling this form

First Name*

Last Name*

Email Address*


Which course are you asking for a refund for?*

How much have you paid for this course?*

After deducting $300 non-refundable fees, how much is your balance?*

How many classes have you completed in person? For online students, how many modules have you completed online?*

When you multiply $150 by the number of classes you have attended or the number of modules you have completed online, how much does it come to?

When you deduct/remove the $300 non-refundable registration plus the total amount charged for the classes/online modules, how much is your balance from what you have paid?*

Please check all you received from the school*

Can you provide the receipts of payments if at all needed?*

How did you make payments?*

If refund is due, Name to be put on refund check and mailing address*

If you did not type your full mailing address above, please type it here, street address, City and zip code

Please type today's date*

I understand that if I am due any refund, I should expect my check within 90 days of this request.*

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